Is backblaze a sponsor of rclone?

Hello, Is backblaze a sponsor of rclone?

I ask for the banner on the site.

Do forum users have a 99% discount on Backblaze? :grinning:

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yes, backblaze is a platinum sponsor.

the banner is visible at,,


yes, backblaze is a platinum sponsor.

Excellent, I'm going to try the service then. Thank you


me too.

note: let's support rclone by signing up for a free trial account, no credit card required.
the best way to do that is to click on the banner at the top of the forum.

it has a special URL:


Thanks for the info and link!

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Full disclosure - I'm Pat Patterson, Chief Technical Evangelist at Backblaze, and a (very minor) contributor to Rclone.

Thanks for noticing our banner, @fede, thanks for encouraging the Rclone community to try Backblaze B2, @asdffdsa, and thank you both for trying it yourselves!

I'm excited that we were able to support Rclone in this way; we know from our traffic analysis that it's consistently been one of the most popular ways to access B2, so it's great to be able to help ensure Rclone's continued success.

I'm always here to answer B2-specific questions, or you can hit me up at Twitter (ok, X, whatever!), LinkedIn, Mastodon, Reddit, and almost anywhere else you see the username metadaddy :slight_smile:




Very good Pat! I will gladly continue to recommend Backblaze for use with rclone and restic. Greetings!

Thank you @metadaddy

I'm over the moon to have Backblaze as platinum sponsors.

I feel in some ways rclone and B2 have grown up together as rclone was one of the very early adopters of the B2 interface, and was quite useful finding bugs in the S3 interface when it was under development I believe!

I use B2 (via rclone of course) to back up everything to do with the rclone project including the website, forum, downloads and laptops and all that costs less than $20 per month!