Is anyone using KDE Dolphin with rclone mount? What is the secret?

KDE Dolphin seems unusable with rclone mount. As soon as you click on a folder that is mounted with an rclone mount, Dolphin freezes and becomes unusable.

When I look at my rclone log, it seems that Dolphin wants to access every file in a hierarchy.

When searching online, I found a few other users asking this question over the years but no real answers. One user wanted to know how to tell Dolphin a folder is a remote folder to try to address the issue. Dolphin does all sorts of things like generating icon previews for folders. I suspect it is scanning for media folders and perhaps trying to extract metadata to some sort of database.

I have turned all of this stuff off off but it still wants to access every file. I am not sure why.

This may be a question for the KDE developers however I was wondering if any rclone users are currently using Dolphin successfully with rclone mount and if so what did you find.

This issue seems specific to Dolphin. I was using gnome before and the gnome file browser is completely usable with rclone mount.

I'm afraid I don't know the answer to this (I left KDE for XFCE over 10 years ago now :slight_smile: ) but if you do find the answer then please report it here!

If rclone could somehow mark itself as a remote file system that would be very helpful.

I have done some research and poor support for remove filesystems (not just rclone) seems to be a multi decade issue with Dolphin so probably one that will not be fixed soon.

I have tried Konqueror and I get the same results, apparently it is not the file manager itself but a library which want to navigate the tree and count all the files and cannot be turned off.

Since migrating to KDE I still haven't found a solution for using my rclone mounts.

Can anyone recommend a good File Manager for linux that works with rclone mount?

Perferably one written in Qt (although this is not absolutely necessary).

i use double commander on windows and linux.
i think that i ran it using termux on android, cannot remember.

never a problem/bug with it.
there are two versions, gtk and qt.

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