Is anybody using SFTP and

is anybody using as a back-end, using SFTP?
i would like to have a conversation with you?


I have a test account with so I've tested that rclone works properly. I also implemented support for md5sum and sha1sum with them too.

(You'll need 1.49.x for proper support)

What would you like to know?

hi ncw,
i wanted to know if md5sum would work but you anticipated my question.

rclone calls the provided md5sum binary on files when it wants to know md5sums. It also works with sha1.

i am in contact with rsync, but they do not seem to offer month-to-month and trial accounts.

i use rclone with wasabi and have been very satisfied with upload speeds and tech support.
in fact, i think that wasabi tech support will be contacting you soon.
i mentioned to them that wasabi is not mentioned as a storage provider
and that
wasabi is not mentioned at

just yesterday, i got another rclone forum user to try wasabi; i think that you posted to it this morning, about the slow uploads to dropbox and the --exclude filter.

thanks much

Wasabi are mentioned on the front page:

Because they use the s3 protocol they aren't mentioned on the /overview which is more a comparison of what the different backends can do.

yes, that is true, you are right

i like wasabi and i think it is a good match with rclone.
i keep reading posts about slow backends with various limits of data transfters per day and transactions per second and charges to upload/download and as so on.
so the more people that know about wasabi the better.

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