Internxt - rclone support?

This is probably the wrong bit of the forum to ask this so apologies in advance.

Does rclone support access to internxt drive? I checked the main website but I understand the list of storage providers is not exhaustive.


It is and it isn't. Let me explain. The list of protocols/APIs is exhaustive. The list of providers who support that is not.

For example, Amazon S3 lists 25 providers. That is not exhaustive. There may be other S3-compatible systems out there that will work. SFTP and WebDAV also come to mind.

But unless Internxt supports one of those (more likely WebDAV), it won't be compatible.

To be compatible, it needs to have a public API and then someone needs to develop it and/or create an SDK in Go. I found a JS SDK but it's the developer time that is the limiting factor.

You could do it yourself or sponsor it if you are interested.

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