Interactive command line for rclone

The current command-line interface does not allow the user to interact with it. If you want to perform multiple tasks, you have to use the command line again and again. This would require multiple initializations. I think that we could speed up tasks and also enable the user to use multiple commands once in the interactive mode.

What I am suggesting is something like --interactive / -i flag to enter this mode.

Would love to hear from you guys. I will be happy to try and implement it. :slight_smile:

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Hello @negative0! I cooked up a barebones CLI for personal use on my Windows machine but it's messy! I am looking forward to your implementation!

The only function I'm using is rclone copy, so feel free to modify the commands/flags passed to rclone! Default flags passed are:

  1. -P (for progress bar)
  2. -vv (for verbose output)

Attached is a batch file but in .txt format since I can't upload the .bat file itself.
Do change "crypt-drive:" to your cloud drive's name!
interactive-rclone.txt (2.5 KB)

Thank you @aragane, I will try and get a windows pc to try and run your code.
Ideally, I want to implement this option directly into rclone, so it should be able to run across platforms. Would love to hear your suggestions.

You can get close with rclone rcd/rc. You can send commands to a running daemon. Perhaps an interactive command line could be an extension of rclone rc

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@calisro That is interesting. The rclone rc does not support all the commands currently. But, if we were to implement all of the commands into rc, we will be able to see them into the web UI as well๐Ÿ˜„. So that's a plus.

We can try and integrate this.

First look.

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Neat :slight_smile: Look forward to seeing where this goes!


You can try it out now:

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