Insync functionality for googledrive + teamdrive

I have a google account with a TeamDrive. What I want is a simple folder in sync with my google drive containing both my google drive file and teamdrive folders. (Just like Dropbox and InSync).

At the moment, I’ve created a rclone folder for teamdrive and I’ve to kind of doing push and pull (pull then push) script to make it works. I’m quite OK with command line but I want to ask about the possibility of having a command/script/whatever which keep my local folder and the whole google drive folders in bi-directional sync (Both regular and teamdrive folders).

I tried the documentation and I could build some sort of manual push and pull commands for the teamdrive but I want to ask about this possibility as well (and is this documented?)



rclone sync toxmiGappDrive: "$dirPath" --progress -u

This is my pull command and I’ve similar push (and dangerous) command.

Having these even manually is OK. I can do them on demand or use cron/systemctl to do it periodically. What I want is to have some sort of robust and less dangerous thing and aggregate the whole drive under one command.
For example here, I do it only for FolderA but what if I create more folders in the teamdrive? and what about regular drive?

Second, is this the best practice available when you want to push, first you should pull then push? Is there a way to make this in sync. Just consider two user simultaneously work on a file. What happen in this scenario?

I think it’s going to be difficult to have a two way sync. There is currently no way to deal work collisions. You could setup a time based sync for everything else but even then if the A to B sync was scheduled to occur when someone updated B it will get overwritten/deleted.

There was an issue for a two way sync in git but I don’t believe it was taken up yet.

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Thanks, but I still have two questions which I couldn’t figure out:

  1. what about having all my teamdrive and personal drive under one push/pull? Is this possible? I have not tried it and since I’m currently working in a team I afraid of trying with it and delete stuff… So I just want to know about the experience, the shortcoming etc.

  2. What about instead of delete stuff rclone ask the user if the user want to proceed or not? At the moment it delete the stuff without any warning.

Rclone has one source and one destination. It can’t currently write to multiple remotes at the same time with one process.

There currently isn’t an interactive mode. If you don’t want to delete files at the destination, you can use copy instead of sync. If you don’t want copy/sync to overwrite existing files on the destination, you can use ignore-exisiting.

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