Instant ban from Google using rclone mount on Windows

I’ve scratching my head on this.
I have a rclone remote configured in my PC with a custom API key.
I tried to mount the drive on Windows several times the past few days and then I try to point a folder with one movie on Plex.
As soon as I try to play the file, Windows accuses it’s downloading the file.

It doesn’t play on Plex, than I try again and I receive a 403 forbidden response on rclone logs. So, in the end I think I try to download only one file.

There are only 26 API requests in the past hour.
I mounted it using readonly allowothers buffersize 1g options.

Can’t understand why is Google banning me.
Any help is appreciated.

Did you configure the cache? You can search through the forums and see how to set it up.

Nope. I didn’t config it, but I saw that it was an important part of the process after the ban…
what bothered me is that I did almost anything with the files… also the API requests were very low, etc.
The ban seemed like a instant ban.

I read somewhere that Drive File Stream is also a good option.
Indeed I didn’t see anyone having bans with it, which would be bad, since it’s a product from Google itself.
I’m going to try to run plexdrive on a VM. It seems what most people are doing with a setup like that.

Google Drive File Stream might not be the best option, because it always download the whole file even if you only need to read a small part of it.

Just a newbie here so my following experience is just for reference. Please feel free to correct me:

I also experienced instant ban from using rclone on Windows, but at that time I thought it might be due to my copying files on the Google Drive web interface from my Backup and Sync folder to My Drive. Another potential reason, which I read somewhere, could be rclone’s trying to traverse all the files on GD right away. I’m not sure the root cause as I also had very few API usage.

Anyway after I started using rclone cache, I didn’t experience the instant ban again (so far). You may want to try it out.

Note that rclone cache on Windows currently has a bug that may hide all the folders after a while. As a work around, I try to set a 24-hour cache for the directory with the --dir-cache-time flag. Not sure if it really helps though but at least I haven’t encountered the bug yet, during my very limited time of testing. Hopefully a fix will come out in the near future.