Install/Update Rclone on FreeBSD Jail

I’m trying to use “curl | sudo bash” to update my current installation of Rclone. I’m really unfamiliar with FreeBSD and its commands. I keep getting this error:

curl: (23) Failed writing body (0 != 4178) rlcone

How can I update Rclone to the 1.44?

It’s a FreeNAS box running a jail. It was such a long time ago when I installed Rlcone on it, I can’t remember how I did it.

I’d guess that you are running this somewhere where you don’t have write permissions or the disk is full.

You can download the .zip from the latest release and unpack it manually (with unzip) - that should work. Then find where the current rclone binary is with which rclone and move the new one on top of it.

Got it working. Thanks for the info!

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FYI, when running FreeNAS 11.1, the script won’t run in a jail. Works fine on 11.2 in the jails. Not sure if that’s a problem with the script or the FreeNAS jail. In my 11.1 Jail I ended up creating a new jail for troubleshooting and was able to copy and past the FreeBSD portion of the script with no issues.

Insure that bash and curl have both installed.
If not, run following commands.
pkg install curl
pkg install bash