Install script for Rclone on Windows

I had posted this a while back under another thread but thought i could use a topic of its own. I’m not a scripting expert but it gets the job done and is slightly configurable.
Here is the code

Here is the way i use it but running code live from the internet is probably not advised :stuck_out_tongue: but do what you want.
The defaults are to install the latest beta into your system32 directory but if you want to pass parameters you can. There is a tiny bit of error checking etc. I am also willing to put in new features if someone can think of something. I am also open to suggestions on how to rework something.

Invoke-Expression ((Invoke-WebRequest -Uri “”).content)

Nice! Do you fancy linking this off the rclone wiki?

Added a page here.


I have never really made anything like this public before so please guide me if you see something to improve.

Good job - thanks :slight_smile:

People shouldn’t really be running this as admin. I have added a method to not have to.