Insane buffering lately?

Hi guys .

Any of you experience problems with gdrive , rclone and Plex ?

Lately my server has started to buffer when playing media. Never have had the issue before. Only 6-7 transcodes running and have Plex hw transcoding on.

I recall seing some talking about Oauth2 or something ? I have my own key . Past few days been really crap :confused:



No problems from my side, same setup as you have.

Did you try to restart the mount and/or server?

Yes its typically happening at afternoon.

Like google is throtling .

It might be your ISP throttling. Do you run your server at home?

Nope at Hetzner :slight_smile:
I have made a new google api and secret id.

Testing . Else im gonna reinstall the entire server Lol

That doesn't rule out ISP throttling. Try running an IPerf test between the server and the location where you are experiencing the buffering.

Thanks darth.

Well the buffering isnt just me - several of my users says exactly the same.

So.. something seems wrong I guess.

To check whether it is an issue with RClone or Hetzner Peering, try a rsync from the mount to the local disk and check the speeds.

Thanks Darth.

Can you show me an example of the command line? :slight_smile:

rsync -P <mount_path>/<file> .

Try with a few large files to see what kind of average speeds you get.

Cheers will test later :slight_smile:


48,473,708,384 100% 69.11MB/s 0:11:08 (xfr#1, to-chk=0/1)

The download was average . Sometimes it went over 94MB/s
Looked stable enough.

Any idea to improve the mnt download speed?

Here is my mount details from the service file:

rclone mount --allow-other --read-only --vfs-read-chunk-size 16M --buffer-size 32M Googlecrypt: /home/plex/mnt

My Hetzner has 1GB/1GB .

The connection from Google to Hetzner isn't the problem, it's about how you get it from Hetzner to your location.

What are downloads speeds when you try and download a file from the remote to local via SFTP?

Do you use a reverse proxy for Plex?

94 MB/s is close to the maximum possible speed of 125 MB/s for 1 Gb server. Does even a single stream/transcode buffer or it's only for multiple streams at once? You could try using the CloudFlare CDN via reverse proxy to check if that improves the experience.

To max the rclone speeds, you can experiment with the following settings:

  • Increase the buffer-size to 128M or even 256M depending on your RAM.
  • Increase the vfs-read-chunk-size to 32M

Dont use reverse proxy .

The Rsync shows that the speed is fine .

Its typically begins at afternoon. When more are on the server. But it has never been an issue before. typically is 6-7 on the server the problem appear.

Will try increase your settings darth


Ok status

I have reinstall my entire Hetzner server from scratch - remade everything.

Its working at daytime, at evening.. It starts to buffer !

Im really open to all ideas on this issue .

Any ideas ???

Sounds like bandwidth is perhaps over subscribed at night? Not sure as you trying to debug the network from you to the server, which is tough.

What do you mean by that @Animosity022 ?

Over subscribed at night? Its buffering with only 3 users on the server?

I can't see anything at all - constant buffering. I have tested my download speed and I have full speed . No network issues at home. I hear other users complaining about buffering..
Rsync a huge file from Google runs perfectly ..

Buffering happens if you run out of a resource:


One of those things is your issue.

I have a clean reinstall . Got plenty of CPU , GPU.. memory , disk.. NVME drives etc..