Inquiry on load balancing algorithm used for file transfers

Can anyone provide insight on the load balancing algorithm used by rclone for file transfers? I've been researching and haven't been able to find much information on it. For example, I know that some popular algorithms used in load balancing include Round Robin, Least Connections, and IP Hash. But I'm not sure which one, if any, rclone uses.

Rclone doesn't load balance so none of those are used.

You control those things via transfers and checkers.

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Can you expand how transfers and checkers could be used to replace a load balancer?

There is not built in load balancer in rclone as that's a layer above things generally.

I was saying you can limit the number of transfers or checkers via command line options.

That does not load balance or do anything like that.

rclone is using ordinary goroutines.

I can find you a link if you tell a bit about your background in concurrent programming and why you are asking.

Here are a couple of links explaining how Go schedules the goroutines:

on top of this rclone has a pacer to (optionally) control requests per second and bandwidth limiter to (optionally) control the used bandwith. I can direct you to more specific information if you share why you are asking and your background.

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