Input/Output errors when moving files

Hey first time user of rclone here. Been trying for days but I guess I gotta ask for some help now. I've setup the remote for gdrive (teamdrive) perfectly. I can mount and view the files but I get errors when trying to move files. I've taken a log

Here are the flags I used while mounting
' --user-agent "Mozilla"'
' --buffer-size 256M'
' --transfers 16'
' --vfs-cache-mode full'
' --vfs-cache-max-age 0h0m1s'
' --vfs-cache-poll-interval 0m1s'
' --cache-dir /dev/shm'
' --allow-other'
' --daemon'

I'll provide more info if required. I hope it can be resloved

I really need to see the log from the mount to see what is going on.

Are you sure you wanted that?

Isn't that the most compatible one ?
I just want to be able to upload so should I use 'writes' ?

I'll get you the log for mount in a little while

writes is normally what you want.

Hey sorry for the late upload some things came up but here you go

If you need anything else let me know

That log looks strange!

Can you tell me what you did to provoke the problem? It looks like maybe you were copying an empty file?

How can I reproduce it?


It was not an empty file. It was a 50 GB folder. It transferred like 28 GB then it started giving the i/o errors. At that time I tried to do an 'ls' and the drive was not accessible. I was thinking more along the lines of gdrive soft banning me for a while due to high transfer rate (the arguments that I added with the move and mount command). I was browsing the forums and I came upon the info that gdrive supports a max of 10 transers and checkers whereas I was using 20 for both. Could you please take a look at the arguments of mount and move maybe I messed up there

The log you posted above was about errors with rmount.log

2020/03/08 02:06:53 DEBUG : rmount.log: MD5 = d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e OK

That is the md5sum of an empty file, so I think that failed because the file was empty.

Why are you moving into the mount? It would be more reliable to do rclone move direct to the destination not via the mount. Would that work for your workflow?

didn't think it was possible without mounting.

rclone --config ww/ww move /yy/yy gdrive:
is the above command right ?

and do I need to set vfs cache with it ?

Yes that is about right.

No :slight_smile:

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