Info: Handling Files >2GB on a Nextcloud Webav remote operated at a 32bit OS (e.g. RPi)

I just want to inform about a limitation when trying to rclone copy / copyto / move / sync files >2GB to a Nextcloud drive operated at a 32bit OS (e.g. Debian on a 32bit Raspberry Pi) and mounted somewhere (in my case at another RPi) as Webdav.

There are certain hard limits that cannot be exceeded: < 2GB on 32Bit OS-architecture (only 64-bit filesystems have much higher limits). All transfers will stop at 2GB!!

Only the Nextcloud sync client itself is not affected by these upload limits as it is uploading files in smaller chunks. See Nextcloud client documentation for more information on configuration options.

As a workaround, it's possible to upload large files to this remote via a rclone chunker overlay (usage described within rclone documentation). Anyway, to reuse this file again you have to unchunk it by downloading it from the remote via chunker overlay again.

It took me a few days to figure out this problem ... I wanted to spare you that with this information.

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