Increase width of text in a topic

can we increase the width of text in a topic?
either some sort of auto format and more options.

for example, there is width is just 91 characters, and as a result, the text is clipped.
have to containstly scroll over to see the rest of the text.

and there is so much dead whitespace to the left and right of the topic

Plex forum runs on the same software and does this as well. Wonder if that's even configurable.

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I looked a bit. Seems like it but a CSS change. I tried some wide post plug-in but that did not work.

I’ll goof around with it again tomorrow as it seems doable just not a one click thing.

The plex and rclone forums look identical to me on my computer so I don't see anything different.

Every discourse site I see has the same dead space:

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thanks for looking into this,
perhaps this will help

I read those posts as well as there are a few after that and many talk about how those don't work anymore and can break things.

The second post you linked, the guys say it doesn't work in the last post.

Some folks did custom themes to get around it which may break if discourse changes something.

I tried this out as well -> programmersforum-reborn/discourse-wide-posts: Increases post width (

and had no luck.

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thanks for trying.

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