In What Order Does Rclone Move Transfer Files?

I have files pending upload spanning several drives, and at the moment to try and stop the worst case of 3 drives spinning up at the same time when I run --transfers 3, I run the following commands in sequence to spin up one drive at a time:

rclone move /mnt/disk1/rclone_upload/google_vfs/ gdrive_media_vfs: .......

rclone move /mnt/disk2/rclone_upload/google_vfs/ gdrive_media_vfs: .....

I’m wondering if this is necessary as files tend to get written to each source HDD in ‘time chunks’ based on which drive has the most free space at that point in time, so if rclone move moved oldest files first I wouldn’t need to run multiple commands.

How does rclone move decide which file to transfer next in the queue?

Thanks in advance

If you set --checkers 1 then rclone will transfer them alphabetically… Otherwise it will be somewhat random due to concurrency within rclone.

Thanks - I’ll stick to my round robin script

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