In stats please use all the available output columns for filename

It’s just a minimal request with loooooooooooow priority.

I always use verbose mode and stats to know what’s happening.

The last lines of the stats output, the “Transferring:” ones listing the files currently being transferred does not use all the available space, thus cutting the filename.

Just as an example, I’m transferring:
" * …a finale (1994) [480p][x264][AC3][6ch].mkv: 34% done, 9.856 MBytes/s, ETA: 1m45s"
but after the “45s” I have around 30 empty columns in the terminal, so file name had no need to be truncated.

Could you please check the true terminal width and truncate file name just if needed?

Thanks a lot for your great program.

EDIT: GitHub issue opened

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Sounds like a reasonable request! Can you make an issue on github please?

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