In praise of "rclone dedupe"

I have about 700K files in my google drive. Like many here I can see that the free lunch is ending and I need to make alternate arrangements. I saw a lot of "duplicate found in source" errors while doing some migration testing, which were confounding to me at first.

I had never heard of a storage system which allows duplicate filename, but I suppose it makes sense for a file-on-top-of-object system which is apparently what GDrive is. "rclone lsl" let me manually inspect some of the error cases, which all seemed to just be literal duplications; same size and timestamps.

rclone dedupe to the rescue!

Running "rclone dedupe --dedupe-mode skip" on my entire drive successfully cleaned up all these duplicates in just over 1 hour without a single hiccup.

Bravo @ncw and all ye contributors, you have yet again saved someone's bacon! I am deeply grateful.


Great - glad that helped :slight_smile: