In a union remote, how to check which upstream a specific file belongs to?

Is there an easy way to do this other than querying each upstream separately which could be an headache?

Perhaps you can see it with -vv, but I doubt it.

How many upstreams do you have? and why?

Unfortunately it can't be found using -vv.

I have 8 upstreams. Problem is that some of them are from providers which make use of an internal recycle-bin which counts toward total quota but can't be accessed through rclone + it's size can't be determined through rclone. Also there doesn't seem to be a way to disable it.

So whenever I sync with the union I must keep control where deleted files go and then manually empty the relevant accounts' recycle-bins through the web. Those deleted files are often big.

Using --dry-run I can tell in advance which files are about to be deleted from the union - but can't tell which upstream each one belongs to, so I must open a browser and log into each account and check, which is of course a tiring task.

I thought there might be a way/flag/trick to get this info from rclone.

It's tough as we have zero details and you ignored / didn't use / didn't read the template.

Put some effort in and share your details.

Question is just about unions I believed it's too general for the template.

Gotcha. I'll move on then from this thread. Good luck.

I have consolidated all my (important) files in a single account to avoid spending time on issues like this. The simplicity has saved me a lot of time and worries and I also get a better price per GByte.

I suggest you consider doing the same.

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