Improving Chunker


Could you please consider improving chunker, to not only split files, but also join files so chunks are always x size.

eg. 10M chunks =

  1. anything larger than 10M is split into 10M chunks
  2. anything smaller than 10M is joined to form 10M chunks

This will

a) Improve hiding file size meta data
b) Improve cloud upload/download speeds for very small files.


This also sounds like backup oriented request.

Described storage logic would work very well for initial files' transfer but would be disastrous for subsequent files' updates. It can have some use but limited IMO.

This would be great indeed, maybe it could be activated only if using an "archive" function, like a crude WORM implementation?

Because @kapitainsky is right, for subsequent uploads or especially deletions it would be pretty resource intensive for i/o and bandwidth.

Yes it would be perfect for WORM archive setup.

But this is what I mean that it is backup functionality. Rclone is not backup software.
There are other programs doing it already (restic etc.)

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