Improve playback speed of video files mount Uptobox

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What is the problem you are having with rclone?

I'd like to improve the opening speed of my video files

Which cloud storage system are you using? (eg Google Drive)



I'm contacting you because I'd like a little help from you.

Here I am using Uptobox with Rclone, it works great, thank you for coding this!

However, I'd like to speed up remote file playback for my Plex server.
I'd like it to launch the video file directly when I click on the Play button!

Do you have any tips to help me improve the speed?

Here is my rclone mount line :

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rclone mount uptobox: U: --vfs-cache-mode full -vv --multi-thread-streams 0 --ignore-checksum
--cache-dir F:\rclonecache

Just for information, the F:\rclonecache is the folder where cached data is stored on an HDD.

Should I move it to an SSD?

Please help

uptobox is known to be very slow.
use debug ouput to see exactly what is going on.
by adding -vv and possibly --log-format=date,microseconds

that is not the issue.

--ignore-checksum, based on rclone docs, no support for checksum
--multi-thread-streams 0 - not sure how that would matter.

I use multi threads stream 0 because otherwise people watching a film remotely are blocked by the site's 1 hour 30 minute limit.

Thanks to this line, I'm no longer blocked.

But do you think the Ignore Checksum is useless in this case?

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as per rclone docs, no support for checksums, so nothing to ignore.
Uptobox supports neither modified times nor checksums

Overview of cloud storage systems

Do you have a solution to my problem?

no solution so far, you have not posted evidence of the problem.

please understand, we cannot see into your machine.
perhaps rclone, perhaps your internet connection, perhaps uptobox, perhaps your machine.

  • make sure to use latest rclone, v1.64.0
  • post rclone debug output
  • post the output of internet speedtest
Idle Latency:     1.38 ms   (jitter: 0.03ms, low: 1.33ms, high: 1.41ms)
    Download:   880.70 Mbps (data used: 629.5 MB)
                  3.28 ms   (jitter: 4.05ms, low: 2.84ms, high: 209.92ms)
      Upload:   935.70 Mbps (data used: 654.1 MB)
                 27.55 ms   (jitter: 6.90ms, low: 4.42ms, high: 124.98ms)
 Packet Loss:     0.0%

if you want to run a test.

  1. kill any rclone mount commands that are running.
  2. run your mount command with -vv --log-format=date,microseconds
  3. start to play a video file. must make sure that video is not already in the cache.
  4. wait until playback starts.
  5. kill the rclone mount command.
  6. post the full debug output.

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