Impossible to migrate from Google Drive to Google Shared Drive

Hello everyone,

I tried to migrate files from a user Google Drive to Google Shared Drive with no success.

Please find below the command used :

rclone copy MyDrive: --drive-impersonate --create-empty-src-dirs SharedDrive1: "\Migration Data" --log-file LOGDriveToSD.log --log-level INFO -P --transfers 8

And I can read in logs "error 404 : files not found''

Do you have any idea of the reason why ?

Thanks a lot.

What rclone version?
What's your rclone.conf without keys or passwords?
What's the log show with -vv on it?

I guess that the user doesn't have permissions to read the files - you could try sharing the files with that user?

You right, the user is not owner of all the files. His drive is just a 'sharing zone'' for all members of the team.

Hello all !

We have found the blocking point. Shared Drive's ID was wrongly-spelled in the remote command...

As usual, thanks a lot.

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