Image images with the jpg extension but all gzip compression were restored using aws s3

We had certain files that were saved in the Glacier Deep Archive storage class of AWS S3, and those files have been recovered and are now available for download.

They are all pictures and videos.

It works fine when I download it directly from my browser; everything opens perfectly.

but if I do so using any of the following techniques:

using the vscode plugin, rclone the AWS cli and AWS Explorer
Although they all have the.jpg extension, none of the image files can be opened. They are all gzip files, according to a file type check. They can be opened as photos when I rename their extension.

The same holds true for video files as well.

Has anything been left out of the rclone copy/sync command, which can include the manual file extension conversion described above during the copy/sync process?

Would the fact that those files were backed up using CloudBerry—which i may have incorrectly configured—be the cause of the whole thing?

Definitely Cloudberry Backup has option to gzip all files and transparently unzip when restoring - so highly plausible theory.

It might work with a browser as e.g. Safari unzips downloaded files "on the fly".

So you either use Cloudberry Backup to download them locally or t download all files to local storage using rclone or any other method you like and write simple script to unzip them.


not sure, but might try --s3-decompress or --s3-might-gzip

if you have used the help and support template, there would have been a set of questions for you to answer.
--- redacted config file
--- output of `rclone version
--- the exact command
--- full debug log.

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