I'm worried about y2k, dropbox root

I'm worried about y2k, dropbox root.


So I changed from using "dropbox:" to "dropbox:/" So that my files didn't have to always reside in "My Name's Files"

This changed the behavior of folders to have a date of 1999 december 31st instead of the date I ran the rclone command.

I get that dropbox folders date's can't be controlled and will be useless, that's fine, I don't need them to be useful dates. I'm just worried though it's suspicious that the date's are like 1 second before y2k.

TLDR: I'm worried my files could be ruined via some sort of y2k bug. Has anyone out there used "dropbox:/" for their files for an extended period of time? Has it been fine? Have they noticed this odd date quirk?

I suppose I could always move from :confused: back to : but I am already 30tb deep into :confused: now

Time will tell. I would backup all data before next 2000 happens.

Actually wait is this date being displayed by rclone? Maybe the date is simply 0 and rclone displays 0seconds as right before y2k?

login to dropbox web interface and check:) for sure next 2000 should not make you to worry

On dropbox website the dates are all blank for folders, hence my guess that rclone might be interpretating blank as right before y2k, in which case it's not on dropbox's end, so dropbox isn't at risk of moving the date forward a tiny bit.

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