I'm noob and I need help to mount

I want to use the Rclone Browser to seed files to a tracker that I participate in without spending my physical hard drive by mounting disk drives with my clouds.
I passed a 750mb folder to the mounted disk and it worked, but it was extremely time consuming. Which configuration would be the best to speed up uploading heavy folders to the cloud as much as possible?

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next time, post under help and support, and you would have been asked for basic some information.

as compared to what?

you need to provide more info.

  • post the results of a speedtest.net on your internet connection?
  • if you upload a file using rclone copy, not rclone mount, what is the speed?
  • if you upload a file using rclone mount, what is the speed?
  • which cloud provider are you using?

In this case it would not make sense to use rclone copy, because I need the files on my pc as if it were on an HD so that they can be seeded in qbittorrent. My internet is 100 Mbps (12.5 MB / s), and makes both downloads and uploads at satisfactory speeds.

Please note that seeding files using mount will be slow. Torrent is design to just transfer random small parts, which rclone needs to request and wait for it to be server (1-3s each time) making it very slow.

Until the new VFS cache is complete, pretty sure it would be next to impossible to do this.

up above in this post, i asked for some basic information......
we cannot help you figure out what the problem is, if you do not help us and provide the requested info.

it depends on

  • your command and the flags used.
  • the cloud provider
  • an understanding about the files in that 750MB folder. how many files, what are is ratio of file sizes

i have no problem saturating my internet connection.
here i am uploading a 750MB file, the same file size you referenced in your post.


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