I'm lost - Rclone union with read only shares

Hi guys,

Edit: okay, i solved my questions, a lot of text, if someone could point out the best practices for it, you're more than welcome to enlighten me :slight_smile: Looks like i can't get it to work with the Docker Image, i'm not sure why.

I started using Rclone for Gdrive mounts and so far so good, works fine, with examples i was able to get it to work the way i want. (I have basic linux understanding)

Short version: I have /home/pi/dir1, /home/pi/dir2, /home/pi/dir3 and would like to use rclone union to have all the data in /home/dirs but all 4 directories should be read only, as i only want to "consume" from them and not write to /home/dirs.

(The directories are only examples)

Longer version: I'm using the mumiehub/rclone-mount docker image to mount my gdrive to the system. This works fine. As i have two volumes on the NAS (Synology with extentionbay) i would like to union a few directories in a single one. I don't need it for sync between directories or such, i would only like to have /home/dirs to point Emby to it. All the other stuff with writing in the directories shall remain as already setup (meaning no matter in which of the 3 directories i write, it should just show up in /home/dirs)

When i follow the example here (https://rclone.org/union/) on my pi as test and then do "rclone mount remote: /home/pi/dirs" i see the three directories. Config:
type = union
remotes = /home/pi/dir1 home/pi/dir2 home/pi/dir3

So far so good. But now if i copy something in /home/pi/dir1 i don't see it in /home/pi/dirs
That if i copy something in /home/pi/dirs it will get written in /home/pi/dir3 i understand as it takes the last directory as writeable.

How can i set it up properly that, either all 4 directories are read only (so i can just stream/open stuff from there) or how do i make sure that the first three directories are read only (in my understanding i could add a /home/pi/dir4 as dummy in case something gets written in /home/pi/dirs.
What would be the proper way to set this up so i don't kill my data and /home/pi/dirs shows the new files that are getting copied in the dir1 etc?

Thanks in advance for helping the noob :wink:

Edit: Okay just mounting it with --read-only did the trick.
Also a file i copied a while ago into dir1 showed up. So i guess the remaining question would be, what parameter is responsible for a quicker "refresh" of /home/pi/dirs? Subedit: --dir-cache-time duration and --poll-interval duration is what i'm looking for (default 5min and 1min)

That is what I would have suggested.

--dir-cache-time is what you need. Dropbox doesn't support change notify alas. I think it could, just no-one has written the code for it yet.

Thanks for the input ncw.

Yeah it works fine now, sadly doing it with the docker image it won't, maybe you see any obvious user error i'm doing? Issue

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