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For some reason the OP deleted their original post. Not sure why. Anyway, the question was around "why is the obfuscation rotation distance stored in the filename, wouldn't it be better to store it in the config file?"

With a constant rotation distance, file extensions would become "constant". So for example, the extension "mp3" might become "nq4" and all your mp3s would end in nq4. With the rotation distance being based on the filename, extensions don't stay the same.

That makes it harder for people to guess the file type 'cos there's no easy pattern.

Question was something like: So the rotation distance is random?

It's not random; it's based on the filename. We need a consistent obfuscated name for a given file ("hello" should always be mapped to the same name).

This is so the routines can map a plain text to an obfuscated name to get the file; e.g. "rclone copy remote:hello"... it needs to know what the "hello" name is, obfuscated, so it can get the remote file.

But "hello" will have a different rotation to "there".

Each component of the path is obfuscated the same way

So hello/there/everyone will have "hello" and "there" and "everyone" obfuscated with rotation distances based on each component.

Obviously the bucket defined in "remote:" won't be obfuscated, but the objects paths inside the buckets will be.

Question was something like: "But hello and there are directories, and everyone is a file"

Directories, files, no difference. All obfuscated :slight_smile:

$ tail -7 /home/sweh/.rclone.conf
type = crypt
remote = Amazon:test
filename_encryption = obfuscate
password2 = 

$ rclone mkdir Amazon:test
$ mkdir -p hello/there
$ touch hello/there/everyone
$ rclone copy . test:
$ rclone ls test:
        0 hello/there/everyone
$ rclone ls Amazon:test
       32 20.vszzC/24.LzwJw/109.hyhuBrqh

The last command shows the obfuscated names, and we can see "hello" got made into "20.vszzC", "there" got made "24.LzwJw" and so on.

Each component got obfuscated, whether it's a directory or a file.

Not sure why the OP deleted their messages, but I've tried to fill in the gaps so that anyone reading this thread will understand my replies.

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