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Hello, I don't know if I'm confused or I've mixed it up, but I just got a 50 TB personal idrive account. Can I connect it somehow through rclone?

rclone supports
" 50 TB $1500.00/year $750 first year"

not sure what that is, please, share a weblink and how much did you pay?

The bill is about 50 dollars for 50 TB. I confused it with the idrive e2. I don't know if there is a way to connect it through rclone, but I realized it was money thrown away when I made the payment.

This is the personal account:

Drive Universal Backup is a completely different product.
as far as i know, rclone access that.

that is for monthly billing.

best to ask idrive tech support.

Ok then nothing can be done in the personal idrive account to connect it through rclone, I will contact technical support to see if they can give me a refund.

i did not state that. i do not know for sure.

you need to contact idrive tech support.
does the personal idrive support s3, webdav, ftp, sftp or any of the many protocols rclone can use.

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Ok then I have misunderstood you, sorry, I have already contacted technical support to see what they tell me, my English is very bad since my mother tongue is Spanish, that is what speaking through Google Translator has to do with it.

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