iDrive limit bandwith

is there a way to limit the bandwith usage in idrive? For example that i set 10 TB bandwith traffic? Or is that possible with rclone? I only want to use the free egress.

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AFAIK only ways available are:

  1. Use iDrive web console to monitor your download usage.

  2. with rclone but per single operation only by using --max-transfer flag

Please note that free egress with iDrive e2 equals 3 times your total storage per month. So if you pay for 10TB plan you can download 30TB every month without paying anything extra.

It would be nice if iDrive provides some sort of notification when free limit has been used - but nothing like this exist today. But it should not be extremely difficult to create script logging into console and checking monthly egress usage automatically.

What do you mean with iDrive web console? I dont see a web console

Then go to Dashboard -> Storage statistics -> Downloads

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