Idrive backend?

I'm amazed by the existence of this code and the huge development team. Bravo! I have this subscription to idrive that I'd like to quit and I'm wondering how to move all my files from that to an S3 bucket using rclone. I also want to migrate from dropbox but I will study that first rather than asking straight up. The collection of cloud storage providers you already have seems huge but does not currently include idrive.

Many thanks for this project which has got me using s3 for the first time away from aws ec2.


I'm afraid we don't have a backend for idrive - Apple don't publish API docs (not that I've found!) (or maybe you mean the idrive cloud backup ?).

So if you can copy the files to local disk first using Apple tools, then you can sync them from there to s3 / dropbox very easily.

Or alternatively if you can mount the idrive into your filesystem then you can get rclone to sync the files from there.

Hi Nick, thanks for the reply. It is iDrive the cloud backup. I will muddle through :slight_smile:

depending on your version of macOS there is a local folder where icloud drive is accessable - I don't know how it looks physically with the stuff thats not downloaded

~/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/

(it moves around depending on IOS version) no reason rclone can't work with this I imagine if you are careful

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Some people think that I am talking about an Apple related product. iDrive is windows-centric.

thanks for your interest :slight_smile:

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