Idea: Subscribing to Google Drive change notifications for directory updates

Hi all! Big rclone fan here.

I'm setting up a Google Drive rclone mount, and I'm tuning my --poll-interval and --dir-cache-time. It seems if rclone can rely on the Google Drive API, it can receive automatic notifications of directory changes. I wanted to share that idea and ask if that's an approach the rclone team would consider adding support for.

I'm interested in having an rclone mount that's as up-to-date as possible w/r/t changes in Google Drive. If I understand correctly, fast directory listings are possible due to the directory cache, so any new directory contents need to wait for the directory cache to expire. In my experience with rclone mount so far, there's a trade-off between freshness (which I want) and fast directory listings (which I also want).

I see from the documentation and source code that --poll-interval is used to periodically retrieve the Google Drive page token. I'm under the impression that this expires the directory cache, based on my rclone mount debug logs.

Google offers an API which will notify us when the page token changes called "". The docs say, "Use the method to subscribe for updates to the change log."

I wanted to ask if the rclone team would consider adding support for this. For me, that would be the best of both worlds for me! I believe it could be used to support a mode where directory contents are cached permanently, and rclone subscribes to the "" API to get a new Google Drive page token and expire directory cache entries based on these notifications. I imagine it might look like "--dir-cache-time auto --poll-interval auto" on the command line.

I did search the forum for and didn't find previous discussion of this, but if this is a FAQ, apologies for the noise.

P.S. I would have added links, but I think being a new forum user, I can't add links yet.

That is incorrect... The changes from drive are used to invalidate the directory immediately.

There are quite a lot of people who do this already. They set --dir-cache-time very large and leave --poll-interval small (1min say).

--poll-interval is the interval rclone uses to poll the drive changes API.