IBM S3 Support (aka Bluemix, aka IBM Cloud Object Storage)?

Rclone community, IBM is looking to have its S3 service listed within the rclone docs.

I’ve run through the steps and noted what’s needed to make IBM COS S3 a working remote. Of course we’d like to have rclone validate all aspects. I can share our findings if it will help.


It’s all on github; create a fork, make your updates, then create a pull request. If @ncw likes the results he can merge it in… and just like that, you’ll have made a nice contribution to this project :slight_smile:

I have your email with your suggested config in which I’ll put in the docs eventually. However as @sweh says, if you can send a pull request that would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you! Working with my colleague with GIT capabilities.

Great! Look forward to the pull request :smiley: