I want to run two or more rclone to sync data to different Google drive using the same PC at the same time

I am syncing over 6000 files, in two folders, more than half of which are photos and screenshots. I have to add stuff to those folders regularly. Can I run rclone simultaneously to sync them to two separate gdrive account ? I can't compress them as I need access to it from cloud. Will doing it speed up the transfer by using the internet bandwidth more efficiently ?

Windows 7 32 and 64 bit sometimes
Google Drive

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write a .cmd batch file

rclone sync c:/path/to/local/folder1 gdrive1:
rclone sync c:/path/to/local/folder2 gdrive2:
timeout /t 60 /nobreak
goto loop

Thanks. What exactly does this do ? Is it running them simultaneously ?

Thanks again.

it will run each line, one after another.

first, it will run rclone sync c:/path/to/local/folder1 gdrive1:
when that command is finished, the next command is run
rclone sync c:/path/to/local/folder2 gdrive2:
and when that command is done, it will run the next command
timeout /t 60 /nobreak which will delay 60 seconds
then run goto loop which will goto the top of the script.
the script will never end, keeps looping over and over.

Yes you can run rclone simultaneously - rclone doesn't write to the source so everything will stay perfectly consistent.

Is there a change that two rclone instances could clobber each other if they need to update the config file with refreshed tokens, or is there locking in place to handle this? What if rclone was run on two different machines with with an NFS shared $HOME/.config/rclone ?

There's really no need to share over nfs.but you could. And it works fine with more than one process accessing the same conf.

There is no locking for this. It woud be nice if rclone did have locking for this but I haven't found a nice cross platform way of doing it yet!

Very nice package to provide locking config files in a cross platfrom way. We have used this successfully.

Looks useful thanks - on the list :slight_smile:

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