I Need help with a configuration for Plex/Radarr/Sonarr/Gdrive setup

Hey all,

I want to setup a plex server with radarr and sonarr for my usage but cannot find the right way to set it all up and come asking for your help.

What I have:
A pc with ryzen 2400G/i5 6400 (easily to change out) and Vega 56, 16gb ram, 256gb ssd, 1TB HDD. I want to use this for my plex server as it is quite powerful. Has to run windows for games and office
A DS218+ with 8TB in RAID 1 so 4TB total
A shitty laptop with 4gb ram, 256gb ssd, Pentium 4405U 2,1Ghz. I want to use this for sonarr radarr jackett and torrent (including NordVPN) as it should be powerful enough.
200/20 home connection with mostly a static IP.
4TB external 2,5" HDD

What I want:
Plex server can use the library from GDrive (infinite storage).
Radarr and Sonarr automatically download latest releases, it will be quite a lot of movies and big ones so the NAS won’t be enough to store them.

My Question:
What would you recommend as a good setup? I’m a bit lost myself and currently still not linux-savy

I found some really good replies from @Animosity022 but couldn’t quite get the whole picture and thought that I would be better off asking the nice community here for everyone to find.

Kind Regards,

Honestly, you should probably spend some time learning about Linux because you will likely have the best luck running Linux on your laptop and have it handle everything except the Plex server. You can close the lid, toss it in a closet and manage everything over SSH. Use the 256GB SSD to download torrents/nzbs and then have *darr copy the completed downloads to the external drives, which you can also share over cifs.

The windows machine should be straightforward: just mount a gdrive backend and point Plex at the mount and the cifs share.

I’d invest the time and learn a little Linux as it’s not that bad overall and in the end, you’ll get much more bang for the buck in terms of just running.

I am trying to simplify my setup a bit and try to give more of a how to, but time hasn’t presented itself too much yet.

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