I need clarification about mounting with cache off and SSD lifespan

In my Mac I usually mount my remote to a folder named Drive which is located in my desktop. In my command I use the --vfs-cache-mode=off flag.

rclone mount --stats 1m -vv --vfs-cache-mode=off myRemote: ~/Desktop/Drive

In the documentation for --vfs-cache-mode off it says the following, "In this mode (the default) the cache will read directly from the remote and write directly to the remote without caching anything on disk."

Does this means that the lifespan of my SSD will not be affected at all when mounting my remote, since there is nothing written to it?

Correct, if you use no cache mode, there is nothing written to disk.

I use a SSD for a few years now without an issue for my cache as it will take quite some time to wear out. Worse case in 4-5 years, I'd replace it anyway.

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ok, thanks for confirming this!

Edit: By the way, I also use an external SSD for when I need to cache files. :slight_smile:

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