I just wrote another web GUI for rclone

Since the old web GUI has not been maintained for 3 years, so I just wrote a new one

If you want to have a try, just follow the README to run the command-line.

This is still in development, if you find something not so good, just file an issue, I will be glad to hear feedbacks.

I hope you can enjoy it :smile:


Very nice! I see you have used the pluggable GUI of rclone rcd - good work :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I don't have the time or skills to maintain the old web GUI so I'm relying on others.

Let me know if there is anything you need rclone to do to make your GUI work better. I think the config of new backends might need a little work. Did you figure out the state machine driven configuration system?

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Many thanks.

It has the feature i was looking for (save the mount point configuration between sessions)

I missed the option to configure the initial dir / bucket when configuring the mount point

A nit is the title and logo that is exactly equal to the rclone website, so when you are running you dont know what tab is the GUI what is the website


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