I have tried modification to the rclone

I am moving my backups from ACD to B2. I am having a problem with the creation of sub-folders in the B2 bucket. I finding that rclone will not create a sub-folder. I have create a folder in my bucket called Pictures, then executed the command

rclone sync -v /mnt/freenas/Pictures B2:(my bucket name)/Pictures

Any files contained in sub-folders with the /mnt/freenas/Pictures are not placed in the corresponding sub-folders in B2 bucket. They are renamed and placed in the B2:(my bucket name)/Pictures.

I have tried modification to the rclone command such as

rclone sync -v /mnt/freenas/Pictures/ B2:(my bucket name)/Pictures/

Any ideas as to what the issue is? Both above commands work fine when accessing ACD.

What version of rclone are you using? Did you try with 1.43.1 or the latest beta?