I have a problem with save a microsoft office file

at the moment of saving my excel file, it is saved successfully but also the file cache is saved and rclone can not delete it, something am I doing wrong?

I do not want the files saved ~$Libro.xlsx

when closing excel the file disappears but reloads and appears again

sorry for my bad english

Are you writing to a mount? What’s your mount command you are using?

yes im writing to a mount
i use: mount luis: H: --vfs-cache-mode full

It looks like it’s trying to rename that file but something else has a lock on it. I’m unfortunately not a windows guy (mac/linux) so I’m not sure how to tell what’s got the lock.

Can you run the mount with -vv and capture the debug log and share that?

is here:

I think that is normal behaviour. Those files are normally hidden files, but rclone doesn’t support hidden files so you will see them.

I see two errors in your log

Dir.Rename cant rename open file


~$Libro1.xlsx: Failed to remove from cache: remove C:\Users\alvar\AppData\Local\rclone\vfs\luis\~$Libro1.xlsx: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

I think the first error may be fixed by the latest beta. Not sure about the second, but maybe if the first is fixed the second won’t be a problem.