I dont think its possible to download with rtorrent to rclone mount google_drive: /localst

I dont think its possible to download with rtorrent to rclone mount google_drive: /localfolder ?
to /localfolder ?
Or is it possible?
I think not because of sequential write ? correct ?

downloading torrents requires seeking on write which rclone mount doesn’t support yet.

I work around this with unionfs. I create two layers:

LOCAL layer (read write)
REMOTE layer (read only)

Writes only go to the local file system. The remote layer is always read only. Then periodically, I push changes to the REMOTE layer with a regular rclone copy or sync.

echo ±--------------------------------------+
echo Apply change deltas to cloud volume.
echo ±--------------------------------------+
ls -d /data/Media1/* > /dev/null 2>&1 &&
–transfers=8 --checkers=16
–stats 5m
copy $OPT -v “/data/Media1” “robacd-crypt:/” 2>&1 | egrep -v “$CRYPTLOGFILTER”

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Do we have any updates on this?

No its not supported yet.

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Will it work if I try a torrent client that supports sequential downloading like qBittorrent?

Has anyone tried it?

The problem is rclone mount does not support open/write at the same time and setting mount to download torrent directly to mount would not work because of it. However that does not mean it would not work to move completed torrents on mount. ( that should be tested by different clients )

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Oh I got it, so even if you download all the chunks sequentially, the torrent client would still need to open and write the file every time a new chunk is being downloaded.

Maybe a workaround would be to use a layer which writes the file sequentially as every new chunk is being downloaded, without opening it multiple times.

I have no idea if this is possible though. :worried:

You can have your torrent client move the file once download completes. I know uTorrent supports that.

So if uTorrent moves the file to the mounted directory, will then rclone automatically move that file to the cloud and delete it from local?

Right, if the file is moved to the mounted directory, then it doesn’t exist locally anymore.

Got it. So it will not move immediately in terms of speed to the mounted directory? It will move slowly because rclone will simultaneously upload it? Or it will move immediately and after the upload completes it will get deleted from local?

Think of it the same way moving files locally, it will take some time to upload to the cloud based on your internet speed, but once done, it will not exist locally any more

I’m basically asking when the upload will take place. After the file is moved or during?
Anyway I can test this by myself :slight_smile:

Not sure what you mean by this? The file is uploaded as it moves to the mounted directory. Why not write a script that does it for you and delete the local files once done?

But this is actually what happens when you’re moving a file. Why make a script?

Here is how I can explain it.

There is a plugin on rutorrent which moves the file to another directory when download completes.
So I can set this up to move a completed torrent to the mounted directory.
So when the download completes, rutorrent will try to move the file to the mounted directory.

What I’m asking is if this action will take like a second (which is what happens when you normally move a file on local), or will it take a few minutes (which is what happens when you upload a file).

So by the time the torrent is completed, will rutorrent point it to the mounted directory immediately, or after some minutes? Will rutorrent work normally or it will froze for some minutes because it will wait for the operation (upload) to complete.

Will take few minutes of course based on how large the file is and your internet speeds

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