I don't quite understand rclone sync all to well

I plan to create a couple of cron jobs on two server boxes using rclone sync. In testing, sync would not copy over new files/folders created locally to remote. Am I missing something here? Is my only choice is to use rclone copy with overwrite, wasting bandwidth?

rclone sync will always:

  1. copy files from source to destination if they dont exist
  2. replace files on destination if they are not the same on source
  3. delete files on destination if they are not present on source

Basically rclone sync is exactly the same as copy with exception of deleting files on destination if they are not present in source.

p.s. Its not 2 way sync if thats what you were looking for. ( the feature request is there but not available yet )

I am largly having a problem with this. Steps I’ve taken:

  1. rclone sync remote:remotefolder local/remotefolder (this includes a bunch of sub folders)
  2. Modify a file that already exists. echo ‘test’ >> local/remotefolder/alreadyexists.txt
  3. Create a brand new local file. echo ‘test’ > local/remotefolder/test.txt
  4. rclone -vv sync local/remotefolder remote:remotefolder

Only local/remotefolder/alreadyexists.txt get’s uploaded and rclone completely skips local/remotefolder/text.txt. Right now I am uploading about 300GB data to B2 atm, once that’s done, I will continue further testing. I’ve haven’t gotten any leg way with this problem for the past 2 weeks, no matter what combination of switches I’ve tried with rclone 1.36-1 on Arch Linux.

EDIT P.S. I am aware that rclone doesn’t support 2 way sync.

Hmm weird I never had that issue, what happens if you use rclone copy ?

I’m going to have to get back to you on that. The upload I am doing currently is excoriating slow, only 1.5GB of data has been uploaded in 4 hours. I am waiting for that to complete before I conduct any further tests.

EDIT: Actually, 19 errors and 0 transfers. I am looking into this further.