HubiC | issue with directory size=-1


I’m trying to migrate from ACD to HubiC (8TB). I use this for VPS (OVH), with the usual command:
rclone sync -v acd: hubic: defauct /

The problem is that all directories that create rclone on hubic have a negative size. As a result, for example, CarotDAV is unable to remove such a directory. I have to remove its contents, then it disappears automatically.

Why do not rclone keep my creation or modification date (timestemp)?

which version of rclone are you using? my understanding is that from v1.38 onwards you don’t need to specifically specify the base directory which is “default” (ie hubic:default/) .
Was your “default” spelled correctly? If you were to use the web interface at root, other than “default” directory, do you see other directories as well?
My understanding is that not many cloud storage allows retain of directory date timestamp but you are able to retain the timestamp of files.


No, in the web interface I see only default content, other “major” directories I do not see.

I just checked the command
> rclone sync --transfers=6 -v acd:ebook hubic:default/eBook
Creates a main directory /eBook next to /default and is not visible via web interfeis.
Interestingly, the main catalog / eBook has the correct size, but only for the main directory.



Timestemp of reupload

If you do rclone lsl you’ll see that rclone knows the original modification times. It stores it as metadata on the object.

So, the web / DAV interface gives the wrong information?

When I work at VPS I need some extra parameters to not split large files into smaller ones (files up to 15GB) or fit within disk constraints on VPS 20GB.

I might be wrong but I see there are some spaces in your command, perhaps you can try trimming the spaces away and see if that helps
your command: "rclone sync --transfers=6 -v acd:ebook hubic:default/ebook

try: rclone sync --transfers=6 -v acd:ebook hubic:ebook (I believe based on 1.38 you don’t need to specify default anymore, otherwise try hubic:default/ebook)

The command is good, it’s a formatting error while supporting google translator.

Then I’m not sure what happened as I have managed to transfer 9TB from ACD to Hubic without such issues. By the way, I see that the screenshots you have posted is via CarotDAV, have you tried logging in via Hubic’s website and see if it does contain transacted files or if you do a “rclone size hubic:eBook” or “rclone size hubic:default/eBook” what information does it show.

It just doesn’t show the extra metadata. rclone uses the mtime metadata which is reasonably standard (it is used by the official openstack python tools).

I used comand:
rclone sync --transfers=6 -v acd:testsync hubic:testsync
and I have new catalog /testsync next to /default, not inside /default (/default/testsync). Website don’t see /testsync.

Web Interferes ( default used /default container for example So I can “hack” website and used url to look inside “hidden” /testsync catalog. But this trick work if I’m inside any catalog in /default container. > can open (see) https :// > can’t open (see)

I guess I know why rclone creates “bad” catalog

permissions for CarotDav, HubiC website and HubiC windows aps

and rclone

maybe rclone need “see”, “create and delete publications” and “read the quota” permissions? I bet that it comes to the second position.

If you want it in the default container, then use

rclone sync --transfers=6 -v acd:testsync hubic:default/testsync

Useful hack :slight_smile:

I don’t think the permissions are relevant.