Hubic: error 503 on moveto


My OneDrive storage is full so I’m trying to transfer a bunch of photos to my Hubic storage using the following command:

rclone moveto OneDrive:/Photos/2010 hubiC:default/Photos/2010 -v

Some photos are moved but for almost half of them I get the following message:

2018/08/26 17:27:57 ERROR : Photos Center Parc/DSCN3005.JPG: Failed to copy: HTTP Error: 503: 503 Service Unavailable

and the photo is not moved.

As some of them work, I think my config is ok and Hubic is not (totally) down…
Any advice?

Edit: Sometimes, I also get:

2018/08/26 18:25:55 ERROR : juin 2010/P1010033.JPG: Failed to copy: HTTP Error: 504: 504 Gateway Time-out


I think these are probably both Hubic errors… If you retry enough times I expect they will all go through! Check out the --retries flag.


I had a lot of 503 error on the Hubic, but the beta version v1.43-139-g411a6cc4-beta is working fine.