Hubic: error 503 on moveto

My OneDrive storage is full so I’m trying to transfer a bunch of photos to my Hubic storage using the following command:

rclone moveto OneDrive:/Photos/2010 hubiC:default/Photos/2010 -v

Some photos are moved but for almost half of them I get the following message:

2018/08/26 17:27:57 ERROR : Photos Center Parc/DSCN3005.JPG: Failed to copy: HTTP Error: 503: 503 Service Unavailable

and the photo is not moved.

As some of them work, I think my config is ok and Hubic is not (totally) down…
Any advice?

Edit: Sometimes, I also get:

2018/08/26 18:25:55 ERROR : juin 2010/P1010033.JPG: Failed to copy: HTTP Error: 504: 504 Gateway Time-out

I think these are probably both Hubic errors… If you retry enough times I expect they will all go through! Check out the --retries flag.

I had a lot of 503 error on the Hubic, but the beta version v1.43-139-g411a6cc4-beta is working fine.

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A 503 Service Unavailable Error is an HTTP response status code indicating that your web server operates properly, but it can’t temporarily handle the request at the moment. This error happen for a wide variety of reasons. Normally, this error can be due to a temporary overloading or maintenance being performed on the server and it is resolved after a period of time or once another thread has been released by web-server application.

How to fix HTTP 503 errors

  • Reload (Refresh) the page
  • Restart Your Devices
  • Scan for Malware
  • Clear Temporary Files
  • Visiting the website later
  • Contact server admin