Https:// not working is not working


Isn't the apex canonical? The www subdomain already redirects to, just not with TLS. Is the https version linked somewhere or how did you end up there?


oh so not tls for www. i guess that is what my firefox is complaining about

now, using msedge - a chromium browser.

The reason this doesn't work is because Caddy (the server) does not have TLS enabled for the www subdomain. This usually isn't a problem since if you type in manually, it will connect with HTTP only (no TLS/HTTPS) and properly redirect you to

That's why I asked how you managed to get to - if this form is used somewhere important, it may be a good idea to ping ncw so that he can enable TLS for that subdomain too.

Note that from Chrome 90 onwards, if the user doesn't specifically request http then the browser will default to https. Chromium Blog: A safer default for navigation: HTTPS. So it does make sense for TLS to be enabled, especially if there's a listener that responds on 443!

seeem to be the same with firefox

It works on my system :man_shrugging:. However, it may also just not yet be rolled out to my machine.

@ncw Can you enable TLS for (the www subdomain specifically)? Some browsers seem to default to HTTPS first now and are not redirected to

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