HowTo? do 'reverse encryption'

What do I want to achieve?

For different apps I do need local access to the very same files in unencrypted and encrypted state.
I very much preferred having these files in unencrypted state on my disks.

What I know how to do:
Mount an encrypted source to a drive letter providing access to plain text files.
(i.e. saving everything in encrypted state and access plain text through a mounted drive)

What I'm looking for:
Mount an unencrypted source to a drive letter providing encrypted files.
(i.e. saving everything in plain text and access encrypted files through a mounted drive)

Has anyone got an idea how to achieve that?

what is the use-case for that, what do you plan to do with the encrypted files?

This feature has been requested before. It can be useful if you want to back up encrypted data using a 3rd party tool.

Alas, rclone does not support it at the moment.

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My use case: Transfer huge files to pCloud using pClouds tool (which does deltasync) and still having a fully 3rd-party-encrypted cloud storage - i.e. transfer changes of huge files instead of the whole huge file each time it changed.

I distrust proprietary software. Using Sandboxie Plus it's easy to completely isolate pCloud.exe (only r/o access to only a single directory) but I still have to feed it the encrypted data.

might be able to write a script.

  1. create list of files to be copied
  2. feed that to pcloud app.

to get a list of files with both crypted and decrypted file names

rclone lsf crypt:zork --format=pe

Thanks, but pCloud client requires a directory to monitor.

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