How to zip the directory on cloud remote?

Hello experts,

Do we have any option to zip the directories in a cloud remote?

Example : I have a directory "{bucket}/dir/dir2" on AWS S3 bucket.

I want to zip the "dir2" using Rclone

Rclone V 1.63


It is not something supported by neither S3 storage nor rclone. You have to download this directory to your computer, zip it and upload back.

should be easy to do, use rclone mount and any zip program.

tho rclone would have to download all the files into the vfs file cache, zip the files locally and then upload the entire ziped file.

if you do not want to use local internet for rclone mount, then rent a cheap cloud from aws and run rclone on that.

Alternatively, you could use a web-based zip tool like: that lets you input URLs of multiple files and it responds with a streamable zip file. With a little curl magic, you could pipe that to rclone rcat to your destination.

Disclaimer: I built that tool. There might be bug, so try with smaller files first.

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