How to use --transfers 32 / rclone copy to B2 within Docker

Hello folks!
I use rClone in docker for more than a year and it’s rock solid!!

Today I’m upgrading to v1.45.

I saw in the docs that it’s recommended to use the flag --transfers 32. Questions: Where do I put this flag?

Here is my docker setup

RUN_THIS="rclone copy --include $FILE_TO_UPLOAD /data $B2_BUCKET_DESTINATION";

docker run --rm \
--name rclone-runner \
-v "$MNT_RCLONE:/data" \
-v "$MNT_DEPLOY_SETUP/config/rclone/root/:/root/" \
"$IMG_rclone" \
sh -c "$RUN_THIS";

Thank you very much for your help!

EDIT: Solution: How to use --transfers 32 / rclone copy tp B2 within Docker

In there should do it just after the copy

Note that transfers 32 will speed things up but will use significantly more memory 96MB * 32 = 3GB

The man himself! Thank you for this prompt answer :slight_smile:

I was not aware of this fact: 96MB * 32 = 3GB. So by default its 96MB * 4 = 384MO. I would add this info in the doc at

You made my day and have a nice one too!


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