How to use rclone on windows?


I am newbe to rclone. Very good job in my opinion!

I already configured google drive as remote and upload some files.
My question is because the rclone is the program which starts in cmd - how to use it in windows to automatically copy/sync files to the cloud?

Could you please give me the tested and example config of google drive remote with encryption?
Thank you in advance.

Put the command you want to run in a .bat file and then do something like this

Make the normal drive remote first, then follow the instructions here:

Hope that helps!


I made the normal remote first = gdrive.
After that I made the “secret” remote and “Remote to encrypt/decrypt”:= gdrive:backup

But after I used the below comand it does not encrypt the files from “C:\test” directory.
rclone copy "C:\test" gdrive:backup

You need to use the secret remote

rclone copy "C:\test" secret:backup

Now it works! Thank you.
Very good job with rclone! I really appreciate your effort.

Does rclone support the file versioning?
What options should I use to get good quality backup or sync for google drive as encrypted remote?

One additional question: does rclone work on freenas, which based on freebsd?


rclone does support revisions in google drive: check out the docs here:

The defaults will work pretty well. You might want to tune --checkers & --transfers to speed stuff up and --bwlimit if rclone thrashes your internet connection too much.

FreeBSD is a supported target for rclone so it should work yet. I haven’t tried it myself though!

  1. Google drive has the file versions option, but rclone is not able to show us the different versions of files.

  2. I think the “–drive-use-trash” option is ony useful for sync not copy.

  3. Could you please check my config for google drive:
    rclone --checksum --checkers --transfers --drive-use-trash sync "C:\drive" secret:backup

That is correct. It could do at some point but for now you’ll have to use the web interface

It should work for both sync and copy

You need to put a number in after transfers and checkers, eg --transfers 10 --checkers 10 or something like that. You’ll have to experiment with the best values.

Note - don’t use sync without trying it first with --dry-run


Where can I find on Windows the config file with key and password?
Thank you in advance.

Run rclone help and look at the help for the --config option - you will see the default location of the config file there.

Thanks! Now I can see this (on the right).

  1. On what depends the length of encrypted files?

  2. What exactly the option “–dry-run” do?

  3. How the “sync” knows which changes should be done?

You’ll find all these questions answered and more in the docs!