How to use rcd + rclone api + aws lambda?

Hello everyone,

I need to copy my users' drive/dropbox files to aws S3 one by one so that I can assign each one a unique id and store that id in a database.
I was advised to use rclone rcd and the api for my project. I'm using AWS Lambda functions (serverless) with Node.js for this project and don't really know how that would work with the rclone api.

So far I had been using a downloaded rclone program on my lamdba instance and just using the standard rclone copyto command.

Any advice would be very appreciated! Thanks for the help

The docs for the remote control API are here:

You can use the remote control via rclone, you'd do something like

rclone rc operations/copyfile srcFs=drive: srcFile=path/to/file dstFs:s3:bucket dstFile=path/to/file

This will copy a single file:

You can also POST this command directly to rclone which should be straight forward with node.

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