How to use chunker?

I am trying to upload files to has a limit of 250MB file size limit. So I have add a chuncker information to rclone config file with 'rclone config'.

According to chunker doc I have added proper remote to chuncker config. Like My-Box:box-folder below is my config from rclone.conf

My-Box:box-folder is okay and accessable.

type = chunker
remote = My-Box:box-folder
chunk_size = 200M
hash_type = md5

and I am coping some files those are about 1G in size with eclone command

rclone copy local-storage/local/path My-Box:box-folder

but nothing get chunked and getting excess limit warning.

How the use chunker properly? What I am missing?

You need to use the remote you made so use Box-Chunker: instead of what you had.


should be
rclone copy local-storage/local/path Box-Chunker:

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