How to use AWS s3 bucket access with static endpoint url?

Hello Experts,

I am trying to access an S3 compliant cloud bucket -
And so we have static endpoint url which we need to use to connect this bucket.

When I use "provider" as "Other" in remote config and mention statis end point url it works fine.

But when I try to use 'provider' as 'AWS' and have static end point url, it does not work.
In fact rclone is appending the bucket name in the endpoint url so it does not work for me.

Is there anyway to inform Rclone to no to append the bucket name in the endpoint url and just use given static url to access bucket?

(Note: This I am looking as we have our application running which has option to set provider as only "AWS/Azure/Google cloud" - so I am trying to see if I can get this working by setting provider as AWS with static s3 end point)

I tested with boto3 python, if I pass endpoint url it works as boto3 does not append bucket name in between.

This is how rclone appends bucket name so it fails -


maybe try

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Thanks for your quick reply @asdffdsa .

I tried with that flag, looks like it does not get effected for AWS provider.
I tried with both true and false for force_path_style with provider as AWS, in both the cases Rclone is appending bucket name in final endpoint.

But if I try with provider as 'Other' this flag works as expected.
When I set force_path_style = true it did not append bucket name (used endpoint as it is) and appended bucket name when I set to force_path_style = false.

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