How to unhide files

I’ve been using b2 sync, and the other day it decided to hide all of my files. And then the next time it decided to try to re-upload them all (I canceled that part-way through).

What I really need to do is delete all the “hide” versions of files and then remove any excess versions (because some files have 2 copies of the file plus 1 “hide” in between).

Is there an easy way to do this? I started on something with PowerShell, but it’s going to be a very slow loop and use about 50,000 Class C transactions.

PS: I think I’ll start using RClone instead, now.


rclone with --b2-versions might be helpful here.

I think you’ll probably have to script the API directly though - list to find the hide files and then delete to get rid of them individually :frowning:

I ended up using the API to list all of the versions, then looped through it in PowerShell to delete the ‘hide’ versions, then did an rclone copy, then did an rclone cleanup.


Did you work out why it happened in the first place?

Best guess is somehow that drive went offline when I ran it (it’s an internal drive, so that shouldn’t happen…) and the Backblaze command line tools took that to mean deleted. I’m really glad rclone has “copy”, because that’s what I really want. Don’t want to delete anything.

Super happy with it so far! I just used it to transfer 120GB directly from Dropbox to B2 without syncing it to my computer. Beautiful!

Yes that is a problem with sync in general…